Venturi Fetish Electric Sports Car – A Review on the World’s First Production Electric Sportster

Venturi Fetish is the world’s first eco-friendly sports car that went on to production. When the company introduced the first concept in Geneva Motor Show, many people were not quite serious about the car and never assumed that it will see production soon. However, the car appeared in Detroit Motor Show in 2003, which was just one year after the Geneva Motor Show and the following year, the car went on to sales in the Japanese Market, opening a new era in automobile history.

The car was launched in United States in 2005 and was available in most European countries in the following years. Needless to say, the car was widely popular and the media coverage was excellent. The vehicle was capable of a maximum speed of over 100 miles but managed to sell well because of the excellent initial torque produced by its 180kW motor. The 0-60 miles acceleration took less than five years, which is the standard timing for even the most expensive sports cars. The top speed beyond 100 miles was not a matter of concerns for many car owners as such speeds have no practical applications in most city and highway roads where a maximum speed limit is implemented.

Since the car ensured more than 200 miles coverage in a single charging, it was a practical choice for many city users. To add even better functionality, the company used a quick charging technology which allowed a user to charge the car for 1 and a half hours and cover a distance of 100 miles. There is no doubt that this was one of the most expensive electric cars that the market has seen till date.

The price was mostly because of the large lithium-ion package fixed in the car that comes at a very expensive package. The car had excellent handling and braking ability, which increased its popularity all over the world. Automobile magazines and car enthusiasts from all over the world were excited about this new car that used to cost them a very low price to cover 100 miles. Not only that the car had a low running expensive, the charging was quite easy and convenient, which made it a very practical automobile. There were many takers for this and the sales volume increased with positive reviews for them.

The high quality suspension ensured excellent handling for this vehicle. Now, Venturi Fetish enjoys a worldwide customer base and a reasonably good annual sales volume. However, the competition in this sector seem to be quite high these days and the coming days for Fetish can be challenging as there are already some sports car models that can outdo Fetish in terms of performance. There are many manufacturers who are preparing their own weapons for the war and a large array of launches can be seen in this segment by 2012. However, the contributions that Venturi Fetish has done to electric car industry are enormous.

Tips on Finding the Right Online Income Vehicle

We’ve all heard the stories of the fabled man who with no effort or training went online and made millions of dollars overnight. Well I am here to tell you that is a lie, he may have made millions but that was selling his pie in the sky story of overnight riches to all the get rich quick types out there and believe me there are a lot of them.

One simple way is to start is by looking at any skills or talents you may possess and see if there is a market for it online, for example if you can write then you may be able to get some work writing peoples articles for them.

If you have any kind of computer skills you should be able to earn money online, millions of people are always after help to fix or maintain their PC and programs.

You can sell goods on auction sites like eBay and TripleCliks. You can start your own virtual store and practically sell any product to any country on the planet.

If you find a skill that you feel comfortable promoting online, the next step is to find like minded people this could be in community forums, social sites and groups like Facebook, Twitter for example. Network with these people and see if your skills could be marketed.

Ask questions like what would they like to see more of? What are they complaining about and how could you provide a service using your skills to meet this demand.

Become a part of the target market and your market will get to know and trust your opinions and methods. This starts you off with a nice base of people who are more than willing to give you their time and hopefully money when you start your online income venture.

If you are not comfortable marketing any of your own personal skills then I would recommend looking into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest way of earning an online income. Affiliate marketing is taking someone else’s product or service and to help them market it to the public and for doing this they will give you a percentage of all sales you make.

The advantage to this is that they have done all the hard work of making a product, identifying the market and making the sales tools to sell to the market. This is all given to you to help you sell more of their products or services.

Their are countless affiliate programs out there and it is important to pick the right one. You should be looking a 3 main factors.

1. Has the company been around for very long, if it has then it is more than likely a stable company.

2. Do they have a good record of making affiliate payments, there is no point making sales for a company and then them not being able to make good on the commissions owed to you.

3. Do they support their affiliates with the right training, sales and marketing tools.

The better the tools and the training you can lean on the more likely you are to succeed. If your program meets the above 3 points they are worth taking a good look at.

One such company that stands head and shoulders above the competition is the Plug in Profit system. It meets all the above criteria and it has one of the best online training systems available. This is a system that someone with no experience at all can follow and still make money.

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The Plug in Profit system or PIPS as it is commonly known has been helping newbies succeed online since 2002.

You will get your own income building website that is fully customizable which has 5 different streams of income built into it where you can start earning money.

How to Write Impressive Product Reviews

Writing product reviews counts for one of the best ways of endorsing a product or promoting a service. Either it is one’s own product or the one that you have been promoting for a company; writing a crisp and candid review is of great significance. Writing a good as well as an impressive review of a new product that has been launched is the best way of endorsing it that can fetch you the best of sales while setting you apart from your competitors.Among all the other aspects, an excellent product review would most essentially include things such as how well it has countered on its goals, to what extent the product has proved on its promises and if it carries a really good value as exhibited in the review.Undoubtedly, writing a personal review article for a new product is one of the best ways of getting the word across and getting the targeted traffic. As it is a fact that potential customers are in search of valuable information in regard to what product they should buy and which one would work best for them. Therefore, if you provide them the required information and give it right they would certainly click on your link and probably end up buying it, and there itself you achieve your purpose of writing a review for it.In order to write the best kind of product reviews, there are some basic rules and important guidelines to be followed which include:Use friendly and conversational style of writingWhile you are writing review for a product you must know that using a conversational and friendly style of writing is the key to fetch you the best sales. The review should not exhibit a sales endeavor rather it should talk of the goodwill of the company, warmth towards the customers, considerations and benefits.Use a light and relaxed style of writingWhile writing review for a product, nit is most essential to keep the language light and relaxed. This is necessary in order to convey to the customers your personal experience of the product and not just telling them to buy it. It should be as simple as if you are writing to a friend.Be precise, clear and accurate in the description of the productWhile you are giving a description of the product you have to keep in mind that it should be precise, exact and very clear. Also your description should mainly talk of what the product is all about and how it functions. Besides this, while you are describing the general features and benefits of the product, you must know how to bring the focus on the benefits above all. While you can use itemized features but it would still be better if you leave the details to the sales content of the product. This is an important aspect to be considered as it is a fact that the audience is served better when you highlight the benefits of the product and in particular how you personally gained out of it.Keeping all the above aspects in mind, you can be sure of being able to write a good and impressive review that appeal to your audience.