How to Run a Special Offer on Your Products Without Upsetting Your Customers

It’s invariable as a marketer that you will sometimes want to run special offers on your products. After all, special offers are great for making more money. Customers love the option of getting a product for a discount, which is essentially what most special offers are. Plus, special offers have built in scarcity. Because the offer is only available for a limited amount of time, it’s a case for the customer of buying now or paying full price later.

But some marketers run special offers under very dubious practices, which often serve to annoy more customers than they attract. After all, how would you like to know that you’ve paid full price for a product, which you could have got much cheaper a few weeks later? In this article, I explore a few options which you can use to run special offers without annoying existing customers too much.

The first thing is to run am offer when your product is initially launched. This can exist for a very short time, for instance 24 or 48 hours. In this case, you can bill this as a prerelease, sent to your mailing list exclusively, or as a special launch discount. There is no one to annoy at this point, as the product will never have sold at higher price. Plus, you can immediately get good feedback on your product and also testimonials, which will allow you to sell it for a higher price.

Another good way to run a special offer is to deliver it through a private forum. This is a forum which is not indexed as Google, so that only members of that forum will never see the special offer. Because the offer is highly exclusive, this also gives you a reason to make this offer. You can offer the forum owner an affiliate commission to run your advert if this will help. The most important thing about this technique is that the special deal must be private and for members only.

You can accomplish a similar feat by offering exclusive offers through affiliates only. In this case, I’d suggest restricting the offer to a single affiliate at a time. After all, this gives the affiliate maximum reason to promote the offer, as well as a unique selling point – something which of high value in business. If you don’t like the idea of dropping the price, you could instead offer an exclusive bonus, on top of those that you ordinarily offer.

Generally, any approach that will help your product sales and conversions are good, but sometimes you need to make sure that you tread carefully so as to not disadvantage previous customers. Running bonus offers is one of those times. See how you can make the bonus exclusive, either through forums, affiliates or prerelease discounts. This will help you to offer a well thought out special offer.